GEO-EXPO 2021 Scientific and Expert Conference Proceedings

Geotechnical Society of Bosnia and Herzegovina invites all the interested members of the geotechnical community in the Adriatic-Balkan region and further, to publish their scientific and professional papers in the GEO-EXPO 2021 Proceedings.
Although the GEO-EXPO 2021 symposium is not going to be held this year, we invite and encourage all to publish papers and the results of their research and professional work in the Proceedings which will be printed in October.
The GEO-EXPO 2021 Proceedings topics are as follows: underground structures, mining, civil and environmental engineering, landslides, geotechnical investigation and monitoring, geotechnical hazard and risk, infrastructure, foundations and landfills. More details on the GEO-EXPO 2021 proceedings may be found here.
The paper template for GEOEXPO 2021 proceedings is available here.

Najava konferencija, simpozija i radionica

Jun 07 2023

Jun 09 2023

17. Podunavska konferencija

Bukurešt, Rumunija

Oct 09 2023

Oct 14 2023

15. ISRM međunarodni kongres 2023

Salzburg, Austrija

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