Društvo za geotehniku u Bosni i Hercegovini
Друштво за геотехнику у Босни и Херцеговини
Društvo za geotehniku u Bosni i Hercegovini
Друштво за геотехнику у Босни и Херцеговини

Landslide monitoring using satellite technology and collaborative researches with Balkan countries

Unusual becoming Usual: recent persistent-rainstorm events and their implications for debris flow risk management in the northern Apennines of Italy

The influence of weathering process on geotechnical and mineralogical properties of fine grained lithological flysch components along the northern Adriatic coast of Croatia

Geochemical Interpretation of groundwaters in the Kostanjek landslide in the western part of Zagreb, Croatia

Monitoring of a retaining wall with innovative multi-parameter tools

Validation and proposal of new rainfall thresholds for shallow landslide prediction in Posavsko hills, Eastern Slovenia

Continuous monitoring of the Kostanjek landslide

The slope stability around an artificial lake Jablanica, with landslide sample project recovery in DonjePaprasko – Jablanica

Finite element modelling of a creeping landslide induced by snowmelt groundwater

Development of landslide control measures in Japan

High geogrid-reinforced slopes as flexible solution for problematic steep terrain: Trieben-Sunk Project, Austria

Monitoring landslides movements by the newly developed low-cost Geodetic Integrated Monitoring System (GIMS)

Cyclic stress ratio of landslide deposits in Vinodol Valley, Croatia

Stabilization of slopes for Orikum-Llogara road, at Vlora County, Albania

Landslide types identified along carbonate cliffs using LiDAR-based DTM imagery – examples from the Vinodol Valley, Croatia

Landslide hazard forecasting combining rainfall thresholds and susceptibility maps: from scientific to operational issues

Development of physical model of landslide remedial constructions’ behaviour

Strength reduction curve of soils from eluvial deposits in Vinodol Valley, Croatia

https://Categorization of sloping terrain on soil stability – Nova Gradiška example

Preliminary testing of clay activity from landslide deposits in Dubračina River Basin, Croatia

Case study of collapsed landslide in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria

Significance of landslide susceptibility maps in creation of spatial planning documentation

The impact of the choice of the form of the retaining structure on the cost of restoration of the landslide

The remediation of the landslide ''Lisovići'' near Srebrenik

Prediction of groundwater level fluctuation in landslide area using genetic algorithm

Site investigation for linear structures and landslide in D400 highway (Antalya-Turkey)

Influence of DEM resolution on numerical modelling of debris flows in RAMMS - Selanac case study

Remediation measures on a deep-seated slow-moving landslide

Landslide hazard analysis in national-scale for landslide risk assessment in Croatia

Multi-level flexible debris flow barriers: case study in Peru

Experimental study on squeezing-out phenomenon by landslide mass loading

An overview of geotechnical properties of materials involved in slope instabilities along flysch-karst contact in Croatia

Analysis of Geohazards in Road Construction

Current state of landslides and slopes management in the area of Srebrenik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Calculation of the slope stability taking into account structural strength of soils

Causes, occurrence and rehabilitation measures of landslide „Makljenovac“ near Doboj

Determination and studying rockfall hazard using process modelling in the case of rockfalls along the railway link between Renke – Zagorje (central Slovenia)

Remediation of the landslide of Đurđević hill clay pit in Bedekovčina, II. phase of rehabilitation

Čikla landslide in Karavanke Mts. (NW Slovenia)

Landslide risk management in Croatia: Current state

Protection of the City of Omiš, Croatia, from rockfall threats

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